Fashion courses

Postgraduate Fashion Courses

MKS fashion courses are academic courses that can be accessed with a high school diploma or higher institutes that issue I.T.S.T. diplomas.

Teaching methods

  • Classroom lessons;
  • Workshop and seminars with professionists of the fashion industry;
  • Lectures and meetings with opinion leaders;
  • Group work, exercise and business game;
  • Opportunity to have short experiences in the sector and during Milan Fashion Week;
  • Tutoring and participation in international awards.

Fashion Design Course

The course has a three-year duration and aims to teach the entire Fashion Design process, from theoretical and technical skills to the development of a conceptual skill that allows the student to have all the necessary tools to develop their creativity creativity and be able to apply it in the fashion world.

Fashion Design Annual Course

The one year course in Fashion Design allows students to master the main theoretical concepts concepts related to the fashion industry, practical skills, as well as to develop a personal fashion culture in just one year of time.

Fashion Styling Annual Course

The course in Fashion Styling will allow you to become a talented professional expert in the image and the communication of values ​​through it in various fields of application: advertising, publishing, the digital and television world, personal styling, for a store or an event.

Pattern Maker Course

In just one year, the pattern-making course will teach you how to transform the visionary projects of the stylist into something concrete and how to create a real model of an item of clothing, interpreting the original idea of ​​the Fashion Stylist.

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