Short fashion courses

Improve your skills in Milan

The MKS short fashion courses are ideal for those who work in the fashion world, or for those who have already gained knowledge in the sector and want to upgrade their skills or improve their hard skills to specialize and make a leap of quality to your career.
Our short routes, in fact, are held in time slots also designed for those who are busy or work:

  • Weekend formula;
  • Evening Formula.

Teaching methods

  • Classroom lessons;
  • Workshops and seminars with sector operators;
  • Technical-practical demonstrations;
  • Exercises and Simulations;
  • Workshops;
  • Tutoring.

Fashion Influencer Marketing and Management Course

The Influencer Marketing Manager will be one of the most sought after professions in the near future. The short course in fashion influencer marketing and management will allow you to acquire the fundamental skills to be able to manage the relationship between brands and fashion advocates.

Pattern Maker Advanced Course

The advanced course for Pattern Makers is a short-term master course designed for people who have experience in the world of tailoring, who, in a few hours of training, will be brought to a higher level through theoretical and practical sewing and pattern-making lessons.

Image Consultant Course

The short intensive course in Image Consultant is designed to develop tools and skills useful for becoming professionals capable of designing and developing a successful personal identity, through the choice of the most suitable aesthetic and behavioral components.

English Course for Fashion

Thanks to our school’s English for Fashion course, you will be able to quickly reach an intermediate or advanced level of English, learning specific terminologies from the world of the fashion industry that will be useful for drafting written content in English, or holding conversations and contacts telephone calls with industry figures who do not speak your language.

Shoes Design short course

The intensive course in Shoes Design aims to train young fashion experts in just a few hours who are able to conceive and create any type of shoe or footwear with due attention to the quality of materials and techniques typical of Made in Italy.

Fashion Marketing and Visual Merchandising Course

Fashion Marketing & Visual Merchandising is a short intensive course that provides essential skills and competences for understanding the dynamics of the communication, marketing and commercialization process of a product intended for the world of fashion and luxury.

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