Playing games is what you likePoco X3 Pro may be the most affordable new smartphone for gamers. The Poco X3 Pro’s gaming power rivals that of top-end smartphones. It can handle titles comparable to those on high-end models. Poco X3 Pro has a sharp screen, bold color, and a large size that instantly conveys the feeling it was made to be used for video and games. People who want to have a wide range of technology for their money seem to like Poco phones. Unlike other mid-range phones, where you must choose between a high frame rate or high-quality graphics, the Poco X3 Pro lets you crank out both. The phone’s Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 3.1 greatly improves load times.

Look a bit further and you’ll see competition from realme. The realme 8 Pro‘s Snapdragon 720G chipset might not impress, but the 108MP camera will. The design is also fetching, and the phone includes 50W charging support. In a sea of similar devices, the X3 Pro is laser-focused on performance and there is a noticeable skew in the spec sheet towards that end. The Snapdragon 860 chipset powering the phone gives it a considerable leg-up over other phones in the segment. So if you have no problem with its decent camera setup, you can go with this mobile in 2022 because it comes under a 20k budget with flagship killer performances. In India, the Poco X3 comes with an extra-large 6000mAh battery.

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The one glaring issue with the POCO X3 Pro is the fact that it is literally just a POCO X3 NFC with some slightly souped-up internals. It is completely indistinguishable from the NFC version of this particular device, with the only real changes being in the camera system and the chipset. Those are definitely big upgrades, but it still means that you’re effectively getting a very similar device if you go with the X3 Pro instead of the X3 NFC. It’s plastic too, and despite the internals, it can still feel quite cheap in the hand. The chassis on the back has been changed somewhat to have a more matte-feel on the sides, but it still feels more or less like the X3 NFC when you’re holding it. I do have one problem with respect to the software, though — it’s very aggressive with RAM management.

The textured section has a subtle gradient finish, and it has a glossy coating whereas the sides have a matte finish. The four camera modules and LED flash sit within the rear camera enclosure, and the circular housing along with the two-tone finish give the phone a bold look. The cell phone does not offer a removable battery, but the battery of the Poco X3 Pro can be quickly recharged. In the test, the battery indicator jumped from 4 to 60 percentage points within 30 minutes.