MKS Milano Fashion School: who

Our reality, is well aware to the evolution of the fashion market, today is an independent school, strong in its heritage and with an innovative vision of education: integrating the know-how of fashion and Made in Italy production with a multidisciplinary approach thanks also to contribution of designers, stylists, photographers and art directors who have successfully entered the world of work, both in Italy and abroad.

Strengthened by its link with the world of fashion, MKS Milano Fashion School constantly studies new courses and offers a dedicated and highly accredited career service. It also offers authoritative names for lectures and dedicated advanced training.

The institute was founded by a group of industry experts with the aim of creating a fashion school capable of transferring passion and creativity and enhancing the tradition of true Italian fashion.

Over the years we have invested heavily in our teaching staff and in the desire to “build a system” with companies, to offer students quality professional training, and to transfer them a highly specialized work and research methodology.

MKS Milano Fashion School is part of the Backstage Service group, an institution accredited for training by the Lombardy Region, certified ISO 9001 for the Quality Training System sector EA 37.


Experiment, create, innovate in fashion. This is taught at our fashion school. We select professionals and recognized talents capable of transferring their skills to the students who choose our training courses, to accompany them to the highest levels of fashion.

We lead the students towards the world of work:

Our courses connect the tradition of higher education with the new trends and needs of a constantly changing market.

Our teachers offer teaching based on experience with a wide range of possibilities ranging from post-diploma courses to specialization courses, from short-term masters to Summer Schools. The aim is to train all the main professional figures required by the sector, from creative to managerial and strategic ones.

The study courses are based on the constant relationship and network with operators and companies in the sector, who refer to the institute to select professionals to enter the world of work. It is precisely from the strong link with the world of work that The Other Education was born, the innovative project signed by the stylist Cristiano Burani and MKS Milano Fashion School, which sees the creation of the first style office within a fashion school. This training project involves students of the Fashion Design course enrolled in the third year who will have the opportunity to work alongside the well-known designer and take part in the creation of a collection that be shown during Milan Fashion Week.

Our job placement percentage is one of the highest among the fashion institutes (about 80%) also thanks to the commitment of the Internship and Professional Opportunities Office which is responsible for organizing internships for all graduates of the courses that provide for it and promote meetings between companies and students for selections. MKS Milano Fashion School believes that accessibility to the fashion professions is an incentive and not a creative limit: for this reason it is committed to maintaining democratic tuition without penalizing the quality of teaching and offers a program of scholarships awarded on a merit basis.

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