Summer Course in Fashion Styling

Summer School in Fashion Styling

The Fashion Stylist is a visionary creative fashion expert, creator of the entire image of a brand or a fashion product and responsible for how the latter is perceived by the public. The summer course in fashion styling is designed for beginners, even minors, who want to have a fun and useful professional study experience to understand what choices to make in the near future. The participants, starting from the analysis of current and future trends related to fashion, beauty and makeup, will aim to improve and integrate the image of a brand, a person or a product of the fashion industry.

What will you learn

Week 1

Style overview: study of the silhouettes and details of clothing and accessories.

Personal identity: analysis of the different types of face and body. During the summer course in fashion styling, the skills and techniques used to improve particular physical characteristics such as hairstyles and make-up will be taught.

Introduction to the photo shoot: deepening of the fundamental elements used to dictate a style (the importance of color, shape, accessories and their combination).

Week 2

Defining a style: creating a styling portfolio, a true style book. You will learn to define, develop and present a particular style, which is consistent in all its visual elements.

Realization of a final shooting.

Dates: 8 to 19 July 2024

Duration: 2 weeks (40 hours)

Schedule: Mondays to Fridays, 9.30 to 1.30 pm

Place: Via S. Marta 18, Milano

Admission requirements: Over 16 years

Final certification: Certificate of attendance

Costs and registration

Annual fees (enrollment + school fees)

Pre registration: € 250.00

Tuition fee: € 700.00 by the start of the course

Possibility of zero-rate installments with Deutsche Bank loan.

How to access the orientation interview

Do you want a taste of what your career in fashion could be? If you are fascinated by fashion styling, fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions, or to arrange an interview in which we will be able to recommend the summer course that best suits your needs.

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