Visual Merchandising Summer Course

Visual Merchandising for Fashion Summer School

This summer course is suitable for those who want to delve into visual merchandising and experience first-hand what it means to do this job. The visual merchandiser takes care of creating the window displays, the so-called “focal points” capable of making the most of the store and, more generally, of creating welcoming and stimulating environments, essential for making the purchase pleasant for customers.
For this reason, the course provides the necessary tools to lay the foundations for a good aesthetic sensibility, starting with the study of color theory and ending with the foundations of communication and visual perception.

What will you learn

Week 1
Indispensable topics will be introduced to understand what visual merchandising is and what value it acquires within the fashion and luxury market. In addition to this, the fundamentals of marketing and advertising strategies related to points of sale and physical store windows will be taught.
The summer course leaves ample space for the study of window dressing: types of showcases, requirements, scenography, the psychological message.

Week 2
Participants will study the interior of the store and its layout: product distribution, focal point, route, emotion, colours, light.
The study of brand strategies is of great importance, in fact the concepts of: brand reputation, brand awareness and brand identity will be introduced.
The most important and innovative shops in the fashion and luxury sector worldwide will be analyzed to convey the concept of the shopping experience to the participants.

Dates: 8 to 19 July 2024

Duration: 2 weeks (40 hours)

Schedule: Mondays to Fridays, 9.30 to 1.30 pm

Place: Via S. Marta 18, Milano

Admission requirements: Over 16 years

Final certification: Certificate of attendance

Costs and admission

Annual fees (enrollment + school fees)

Pre registration: € 250.00

Tuition fee: € 700.00 by the start of the course

Possibility of zero-rate installments with Deutsche Bank loan.

How to access the orientation interview

Do you want a taste of what your career in fashion retail could be and do you think you might like to work as a visual merchandiser? If you have any doubts or curiosities to satisfy, fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions, or contact us to schedule an interview in which we will be able to recommend the summer course that best suits your needs.

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