Fashion and Luxury Management Specialization Course

Become a Fashion & Luxury Manager

The specialization course in Fashion Luxury Management allows you to specialize in the strategic, economic, managerial and communicative aspects of the Fashion and Luxury sectors. The task of the Fashion Brand Manager is to constantly collaborate with the artistic director, the style office, the communication, production and marketing department. Furthermore, together with the marketing department, he has the task of managing strategic and operational marketing plans aimed at defining the style of the collections and the relative price ranges, the target and the relevant reference market. Its task is also to identify the ideal sales channels for that particular brand and plan an appropriate promotion.

8 months (400 hours)

From the 22nd of October to June 2024

Tuesdays to Fridays

mixed 9.30 to 18.00


Via S. Marta 18, Milano

Among the subjects of study, the main issues addressed are:

  • Brand Architecture: building a brand identity;
  • Re-Branding: repositioning of a brand through various synergistic activities and strategies;
  • Brand Extension: brand expansion strategy in a market segment other than the one in which its reputation has been consolidated;
  • Fashion Marketing and Retail Strategies: tune the identity with the customer and his loyalty;
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media: marketing and communicating online through well-defined strategies and using the most appropriate tools for the company;
  • Product Management: connecting the design area and the marketing area. Combining style and production with commercial needs and guaranteeing the stylistic and communicative coherence of the collection.
  • Fashion Business Models: corporate structures, budget and project management;
  • Communication Management: plan and supervise advertising campaigns and all events and communication activities on-line and off-line;
  • Fashion & Luxury Culture: Analysis of International Fashion and study of consumer behavioral differences based on different cultures. Deepening of the international value of Made in Italy and Made in France.

Professional Opportunities

What will you become

With our specialization course in Fashion & Luxury Management you will receive a complete theoretical and practical training that will allow you to plan marketing strategies and learn the best techniques to effectively promote a fashion brand. There are several professions you can practice.

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Requirements for admission

Our ideal candidate

Our ideal candidate can come from any school or university (bachelor’s degree) preferably with a specialization in Fashion, Art, Communication, Marketing, Economics, or has at least two years of experience in the sector and is motivated to perfect his training in the field of communication. , promotion and distribution of the fashion product.


The course has a limited number and candidates will be selected on parameters based on age, training and motivation, in particular the following will be decisive:

  • course of study (post-diploma training or work experience in the sector);
  • age over 18;
  • orientation interview


Costs and admission

Annual fees (enrollment + school fees)

Registration fee: € 1.200

Tuition fee: € 10.800

Possibility of zero-rate installments with Deutsche Bank loan.

Exams and certification


The exams will be carried out in the following ways:

Written or oral exams (theoretical-cultural subjects);
Written and elaborate reports (required in some study areas);
Practical tests.

Preparation of a thesis to be presented at the end of the year in front of an examination board.


At the end of the course, a specialist diploma will be issued with the final evaluation achieved by the participant.

How to access the orientation interview

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