Fashion Design Course

The course

Studying fashion design in Milan is the dream of all fashion enthusiasts who wish to acquire the knowledge to conceive, design and manufacture a fashion product. Having a nose for new trends can help, but it is also very important to refine one’s aesthetic sensibility and consolidate a personal style to create clothes that are not only beautiful to look at, but also appreciated by the public.

In addition to the knowledge in modeling and merchandising, our three-year course in fashion design will also provide students with economic-financial notions, and will aim to teach sales and communication techniques of the final product to form a complete 360 ° figure and prepare it for the world of work.

 This is what you will learn by attending our three-year course in Fashion Design: the multiple skills in the field of fashion and in the techniques of making clothes and accessories, together with a range of advanced knowledge that will allow you to become a highly specialized technician able to propose innovative ideas.

3 academical years

First year dates:
from the 8th of October to July 2024

mixed 9.30 to 6.00 pm


Via S. Marta 18, Milano

Course objectives

The three-year post-graduate course aims to teach students to understand the Fashion Design process, encouraging the learning of technical skills and the development of the creative and intellectual skills necessary to successfully enter the fashion world.

The three-year course (lasting 1,560 hours organized between classroom lectures, exercises and workshops with opinion leaders in the sector) provides all the skills necessary to express one’s creativity and teaches how to translate an idea into an innovative fashion project, measuring yourself daily from the design of clothes, footwear and accessories to the creation of your own fashion collection.

You will deepen your knowledge starting from the study of drawing techniques and you will learn how to analyze the most used fabrics and manufacturing techniques, comparing yourself with all aspects of production, but also of distribution and communication.

At the end of the course you will have developed the best skills to design women’s, men’s and children’s collections as well as the lines of accessories. Furthermore, you will have acquired the fundamental know-how to successfully start your career as a Fashion Designer, with the audacity to start your own business or to choose a growth path in a Made in Italy or international company, but also all internal design, consultancy and research studies.

First year

What will you learn
  • Fashion Design Principles, Drawing and Human Figure
  • Creative research
  • Art, Fashion and Costume History
  • Textile technology and products (fabrics and materials)
  • Modeling and model techniques 1
  • Computer graphics processing 1
  • Collections 1

second year

What will you learn
  • Fashion marketing
    Collections 2
  • Technical dishes: drawing and hints of mathematics and geometry
  • Fashion system analysis
  • Computer graphics processing 2
  • Modeling and model techniques 2
  • Packaging

Third year

What will you learn
  • Fashion Marketing and Social Communication
  • Collections 3
  • Modeling and model techniques 3
  • Portfolio creation
  • Computer graphics processing 3
  • Fashion branding
  • Thesis with collection presentation

Professional opportunities

What will you become

With our three-year post-diploma course dedicated to Fashion Design you can undertake different careers, based on the type of personal inclination you manifest. Here are some of the professionals you can aspire to:

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Requirements for admission

Our ideal candidate

The course is limited, but designed for all high school graduates who wish to develop their talent and learn the profession of Fashion Designer. The course is designed both for those with a background in the field of fashion and for those who are approaching this world for the first time to cultivate their dream, because we at MKS Milano Fashion School believe in highly motivated students with a strong attitude. to experiment and test yourself.


The course is limited.

In addition to the diploma, among the requisites it is necessary to be at least 18 years old and have carried out the cognitive interview with one of our managers.

Costs and registration

6.900 per Year

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Exams and certifications


The exams will be carried out in the following ways according to the types of subjects:

Written and oral exams (theoretical-cultural subjects);
Written and elaborate reports (required in some study areas);
Practical tests (creative, project and laboratory subjects).

The course includes two exam sessions: February and June of each year

Thesis and portfolio presentation at the end of the 3rd year in front of a Commission composed of internal and external teachers.


The course is accredited by the Lombardia Region. At the end of the course, after one or more final tests, a certificate of competence is issued in accordance with Law 19/2007 throughout the national territory and through the EQF (European Qualification Framework) system throughout the European Union. Outside the EU, certification is recognized on the basis of agreements between the EU / Italy and individual states or international organizations.

How to access the orientation interview

If you are interested in becoming a Fashion Designer and want to know more details about our school, fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions, or to schedule an interview in which we will be able to recommend the course that best suits your expectations.

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