Pattern Making Course

The Course

The pattern maker is a figure who deals with the construction of a pattern of a dress, trousers or any other item of clothing on industrialized sizes. Unlike a tailor, who creates tailor-made suits, the model maker makes the designer’s idea and draft concrete, creating standard prêt-à-porter sizes, i.e. those ready to wear (XS, S, M, L, XL, etc …). The annual post-diploma course for pattern makers aims to train young professionals able to carry out all types of modeling, from tailoring to industrial, developing sizes with the right fit.

1 academical year

from the 8th of October to July 2024

Tuesdays from Fridays

mixed 9.30 to 6 pm


Via S. Marta 18, Milano

Course objectives

The course aims to teach the student to understand the entire process that from the designer’s conception leads to the production and mass production of the garments in the fashion collection. Lessons are given that aim to teach technical skills, but also to stimulate the student’s interpretation skills in order to develop creative skills.

At the end of the course, each student will be ready to enter a Made in Italy or international fashion company or they can choose to continue their studies by enrolling in a specialized course.


The course has a duration of 560 hours and has as subjects of the study plan:

Modeling and techniques of model 1 and 2;
Fashion design principles;
Technical drawing and notions of geometry;
Textile technology and products (fabrics and materials);
History of the costume;
Computer tools for modeling (two- and three-dimensional graphic representation, CAD software …).

Professional opportunities

What will you become

With our post-diploma course to become a pattern maker you will receive a complete theoretical and practical training that will allow you to test your tailoring skills and start doing the job of your dreams.

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Admission requirements

Our ideal candidate

The course is open to all high school graduates who wish to develop their sartorial talent and learn the craft of the pattern maker. The course is designed both for those with a background in the field of fashion and for those who have no previous training experience in the sector, but have independently cultivated this extraordinary gift.


The course is limited. Candidates will be selected on the basis of:

  • secondary school or vocational qualification
  • age over 18
  • orientation interview (telephone or in person)

Costs and registration

€7.500 per Year

Exams and certifications


The exam will take place before a Commission composed of resident and external teachers and will take place in the following ways, based on the types of subjects:

  • Oral exams (theoretical-cultural subjects);
  • Written exams (theoretical-cultural subjects);
  • Practical modeling and packaging tests.


The course to become a pattern maker includes a single session of exams at the end of the course, upon passing which it will be possible to obtain a certification recognized by the Lombardia Region and throughout the European Union (EQF system).

How to access the orientation interview

If you are interested in becoming a pattern maker technician and want to know more details about our school, fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions, or to schedule an interview in which we will be able to recommend the course that best suits your expectations.

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