Short Course in Shoes Design

Short Course Shoes Design

By attending our intensive course in Shoes Design, you will be able to define and develop a personal creative identity and your future managerial profile, thanks to expert teachers in the sector, but also through direct experiences within creative, individual and team projects that will allow you to become a professional in the world of shoe design.

The footwear sector is one of the most renowned internationally in the culture of Italian fashion: and this for us at MKS Milano Fashion School is a strong value that we try to convey in the training and preparation of the new generation of Made In Italy Fashion Designers.

Aesthetic sensitivity, passion for tradition, curiosity for conceptual research and a flair for what is new are just some of the characteristics required by the market of a footwear designer. The deep knowledge of materials and their components, the technical know-how together with the managerial skills are essential skills to enter the job market safely and successfully, both in the luxury and mass-market sectors.

40 hours

First year dates: from the 2nd of March 2024  to the 29th of June 2024

Weekend schedule: Saturdays, 9.00 to 1.00 pm


Via S. Marta 18, Milano

Course objectives

The intensive course in shoe design aims to train young professionals in fashion able to design any type of footwear. The participants in the short course, once they have finished learning in the classroom and in the laboratories of our fashion school, will have acquired all the skills to express their creativity and develop original ideas, capable of responding to the demands of different markets and consumers.

Starting from the study of drawing techniques, at the end of the course students will have learned all the necessary knowledge to present their creations through the newest graphic technologies and will know how to enhance them on new media.


In the training course of the professional figure of the Footwear designer, complete and specific preparation will be provided on the following contents:

  • hints to the history of footwear

Study of the historian of costume and fashion with particular attention to footwear, often used as objects of embellishment or enhancement of the worn dress.

  • design

Project and starting concept of a collection (woman, man) drawing input from various sources (magazines, books, photos, news, nature, etc) or with inspiration from various international or historical themes that come from cool hunting teachers.

  • technical design

Technical drawing designed to draw attention to geometry with the use of tools such as squares, protractors, rulers. We will review all those fundamental bases of classical geometry (angles, points, etc) useful to be able to draw the elaborate sketches of the footwear in a technical way.

  • footwear design

These are extremely important drawing lessons, where first the notionist of the design and history of footwear will be recalled and then a technical explanation will be given on how a shoe is built and each component will be shown (heel, sole, buttress, toe cap, insoles assembly, insole, molds and decorative accessories) of the shoe itself in order to make it possible to perfectly understand its construction. Finally, the role of color and the various rendering techniques of a drawing will be explained.

  • drawing and copy from life

Here, too, the aptitude for drawing develops with the immediacy and ease necessary to copy an accessory placed in front of it from life.

  • technical drawing arias

Customization of the design based on a character evolution of one’s ability as a young designer.

  • ideational and creative ability, cool hunting

Problem solving skills, creative immediacy and freshness of the collection project (woman, man) implemented.

  • creative research and moodboard

Illustrate and present in the best or most creative way possible a collection mood (woman, man) with its setting (poster design). The sketch will be the fastest form of drawing to assemble in a short time the collection project (woman, man, child) to be illustrated.

  • materials

(new technology) Study of the materials used for the realization of the “shoe” product (leathers, fabrics, plastics, etc). Technical notions on cutting a leather on a pattern.

  • graphic design

Processing of work by computer with vector program.

  • technical data sheet of the shoe

Cards where to insert all the three-dimensional sections of the designed product, with relative descriptions of all those details suitable for personalizing the product studied (zip, colors, materials, accessories, seams and / or welds, etc).

  • collection

Final collection design. Hints of business strategy and prices; calculation of mark ups.

  • portfolio

Book useful to insert the best projects or the best project developed in the course of study

Professional opportunities

What will you become

With our short course in shoe design, you can choose between different career opportunities related to the world of footwear and fashion accessories. Here are some of the professions you can aspire to.

Admission requirements

Our ideal candidate

The course is open to those wishing to pursue a career as a footwear pattern maker, both high school graduates and professionals who wish to improve their skills in the field of shoe design for fashion collections.


The course is limited. Candidates will be selected on the basis of:

  • curriculum vitae;
  • orientation interview.


Costs and admission

The costs to enroll in the short course in shoe design are:

Pre registration: € 500.00

Balance: € 850.00 within the first day of class

Possibility of zero-rate installments with Deutsche Bank loan.

Exam/ Certification


The course includes a final test, which consists in the presentation of a mini-collection of footwear, in order to ascertain the skills acquired.


At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be issued which certifies participation in the short course of our school.

How to access the orientation interview

If you are interested in the intensive course to become a footwear designer and want to know more details about our school, fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions, or to schedule an interview in which we will be able to recommend the most suitable course for your expectations.

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