Fashion Editor course

Specialization course

The Fashion Editor has a deep knowledge of fashion and strong skills in giving value to a product or a story related to the world of fashion.
Together with the editor-in-chief, he decides the trendy topics to satisfy the preferences of the target audience and takes care of the layout of the editorial projects (graphics, design and photography) collaborating with writers and journalists. A fashion editor must possess organizational skills to manage teams, keep in touch with the entourage of fashion houses (photographers, models, make-up artists, costume designers, etc…) and find locations for filming.

The course has a part dedicated to communication, which provides students with the tools to deepen their knowledge in the fields of fashion, journalism, photography, design and contemporary art which are essential for carrying out this complex, dynamic and exciting career. As a result, future fashion editors will be able to work for a fashion magazine, but also carry out styling tasks.

The fashion editor course aims to train a professional figure with extraordinary communication skills, capable of excelling in writing news and writing editorials for fashion magazines, newspapers, catalogs and the media. Those who aspire to do this job will find themselves working closely with creative directors and photographers, also playing an important role within the world of television, cinema and multimedia production.

8 months (400 hours)

Dates: from the 22nd of October to June 2024

Tuesdays to Fridays

mixed 9.30 to 6 pm


Via S. Marta 18, Milano


Among the subjects of study, the main topics are:
  • Styling Editorial Projects;
  • Fashion Shows and Events Project;
  • Moodbording & Set Project;
  • Contemporary Art;
  • Creative Research Methods & Trends;
  • Fashion Journalism;
  • Fashion Photography;
  • Communication Strategies & Marketing;
  • Editing Digital Techniques;
  • Social Media & Content Management.

Professional opportunities

What will you become

With our specialization course in Fashion Editing you will receive a complete theoretical and practical training that will allow you to improve your journalistic skills and to try your hand at the editorial production of content for the fashion world.

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Requirements for admission

Our ideal candidate

Our ideal candidate can come from any school or university (Bachelor’s degree) preferably with a specialization in Fashion, Art, Communication, Marketing, or has at least two years of experience in the sector and is motivated to perfect his training in the field of editorial design of the fashion product.


The course has a limited number and candidates will be selected on parameters based on age, training and motivation, in particular the following will be decisive:

  • course of study (post-diploma training or work experience in the sector);
  • age over 18;
  • orientation interview.

Costs and registration

Annual fee (enrollment + school fee)

Registration fee: € 1.200

Tuition fee: € 10.800

Possibility of zero-rate installments with Deutsche Bank loan

Exams and certification


The exam will take place before a commission composed of resident and external teachers.

The exams will be carried out in the following ways:

  • Written or oral exams (theoretical-cultural subjects);
  • Written and elaborate reports (required in some study areas);
  • Photo shooting.

Thesis to be presented at the end of the year in front of an examination board.


At the end of the course, a master’s degree will be issued with the final evaluation achieved by the participant.

How to access the orientation interview

Have you always wanted to specialize in Fashion Editing but don't know if it might be the right course for you? Do you want to register and get more information about this master? Fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions, or to arrange a cognitive interview in which we will be able to recommend the course that best suits your needs.

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