The other education

The first style office for students, attended by students

“I strongly wanted this project because it guarantees the students an up-to-date training in step with the professional world. In such a rapidly evolving market, it is essential to give students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and know-how, actually engaging in the creation of a garment or a collection. Thanks to the collaboration with Cristiano Burani who enthusiastically embraced our project, we have created the first style office inside a school, a place where students can actively participate in the process of creating a collection, supporting the stylist in the development of the concept, in the choice of fabrics, in the definition of the lines…until the final show on the catwalk.” Caterina Di Bert, direttrice di MKS Milano Fashion School

Experiment, create, innovate in fashion. This is the philosophy we believe in.

But we do it with great attention to the labor market, which today requires ever new skills, and by guaranteeing a constant alternation between training and work.

Hence the birth of The Other Education, the innovative participatory training project created in collaboration with the stylist Cristiano Burani which sees the creation of the first style office within a fashion school.

Our students enrolled in the third year of the Fashion Design course will have the opportunity to work constantly alongside Cristiano Burani in his style office, participating in the creation of his collections.

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